Experiment Master Chinese Cuisine

As part of the Zilver Group , THE EIGHT shares the great passion for fine food and highly value the excellence of service. We are committed to bring every guest the most memorable modern Chinese dining experience.

Inherited the intricate Cantonese cooking technique from our Hong Kong root, THE EIGHT  is dare to explore the flavor profile from eight schools of traditional Chinese cuisine. We present the unique modern Chinese cooking simply to its best.

Located in the heart of Sydney city, THE EIGHT also consider as the best catering venue in Sydney. To celebrate its 5 years of ongoing success, THE EIGHT has created a stylish dining area with an eye-catching LED screen wall and ample audio visual facilities. This cutting edge screen wall is considered as the best feature for wedding and conference catering, which also made THE EIGHT the most ideal catering venue in Sydney city.


The Eight is the culmination of our dreams of delivering a new face, a new taste and a new attitude to Chinese dining in Sydney business , Henry Tang was always destined for a career in real estate. He came to Australia to undertake a degree in real estate in 1995, ready to return to Hong Kong upon graduation to embark on a property career path.

Living amidst the Sydney lifestyle, Henry was constantly surrounded by restaurant professionals and loved dining in eating establishments both big and small, both asian and western.

Henry put in the hard yards and long hours to learn the ropes and successfully managed The Eight. His Wife Chillie soon shared his passion and joined the business as his marketing and personnel.

The Team

THE EIGHT are managed by a new generation of visionary, creative and experienced executives. We are dare to be different in order to lead the fusion Chinese food market trends to satisfy both the taste buds and dining experience of its customers.

We will accomplish this by committing to our shared values and by achieving the highest levels of customer service, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value.