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A La Carte

Our menu features time-honored recipes and local favorites dishes including The Eight's famed Roast Duck and Seafood. Only the freshest ingredients and finest seasonal foods are used for creating an authentic Cantonese dining experience.

Dim Sim 

The Dim Sum are all created with entirely fresh and seasonal ingredients, and all made fresh daily. So many scrumptious tastes are offered here that guests feel they discover something new and delicious with every visit.


We offer a selection of multi-functional banquet and the maximum capacity up to 750 guests for your banquet. Our expertise in banqueting and excellent food quality makes us the best venue for all special events, such as corporate annual dinner, business meeting and private parties.


When two hearts become one, begetting love, joy and happiness, a blissful union calls for a convivial feast with families and friends.

Choose from our wedding heartwarming feast, or allow us to customise a special package for the wedding of your.


Our wine list is based on the diverse experiences The Eight presents an extensive list from famous wine countries. The key principle was to ensure the wines hold up against the diversity of cusines.


Zilver Catering firmly believe that every event is unique and the catering experience should be adaptable to match. No matter how formal or casual the occasion is, Zilver Catering has the perfect dining solution.

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